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I'm  Derrick

I'm the creator of the WPC Method, which is a money management system that puts your wealth on auto-pilot. I also manage The Wealth Builder Portfolio (up 16% YTD 2020), which is an individual stock only long-term portfolio. I also manage The Alpha Investor Portfolio (Up 39% YTD 2020), which is a stock picking portfolio based on the 10X Investing philosophy that we can 10X our money every ten years by picking the right stocks with the right stories that are executing at the highest level.

Three Reasons You Should Not Be Here...

If you’re reading this page you probably want to know something about me huh?

Well, I’m 39 years old. I live in Northern New Jersey with my wife, Michelle.

We have two sons, Noah is eight and Christian is five. We don’t have a dog, even though everyone in the house except me really wants one.

But, I’m guessing that’s not the kind of stuff you’re looking for. You’re probably wondering, is This Guy Worth My Time And Attention?

For many of the folks that stop by here, my answer is NO.

Here’s why:

I Can Not Help You Get Rich QUICK

For some reason, people equate “investing in the stock market” to “get rich quick”.

I get it. The idea of putting your money to work investing in stocks now and taking more money out later is the whole appeal and what got me interested in stocks in the first place.

I thought it would be easy money and I’d get 200% returns every day in the stock market.
Well, it wasn’t easy money.

While everything is great now and my returns are really good, they are nowhere near the 200% gains I thought I would be getting. To get to this point took a lot of hard work, losses, frustration, and perseverance.
…And it still takes constant research and analysis to keep it all going.

So if you’re not prepared to commit to roughly ten times more effort than you’re expecting, I’m not your guy. 

If You Want To Day Trade Stocks For A Quick Buck I’m Not Your Guy

There is nothing wrong with day trading, but day trading isn’t investing, it’s a business.

90% of folks who day trade lose money. Of the remaining 10%, 6% would make more money working a day job, 3% make good money and the top 1% are the ones you hear about all over the internet.

I’m not saying you can’t be the top 1%, but just like any business, to be the top 1% you have to outwork 99% of the people doing the same thing as you. That means you need to put in a considerable amount of time to make things work.

If you have a day job and bills to pay, chances of you becoming a successful day trader go to zero. Spending 8-10 hours at a day job means you aren’t doing enough research. Having bills to pay means you will trade scared and make stupid decisions.

If it’s income replacement you are seeking, using the stock market is a horrible way to do it. This website is dedicated to helping you build your wealth over time, not replacing your income. 

If You Think You Know Everything About Personal Finance and Investing in Stocks, I Can’t Help You.

If you can’t bring an open mind and the willingness to learn there is nothing I can do for you.

There are a lot of people in this industry of personal finance and investing who are unwilling to see a different point of view and that means they don’t grow.

If you think technical analysis is the only way to invest and you’re not willing to learn about fundamental analysis, you won’t grow. If you think financials are the only thing that matters and you’re unwilling to learn about charts, you’re not growing.

Even after 16 years of doing this I still learn something new and valuable every week. Warren Buffet would probably tell you the same even after averaging 20% annualized returns for 50 years.

If you are unwilling to learn and you think you are the best, I just can’t help you, and you probably won’t be a great investor long term. And I want to help people who will become great investors.

You’re Still Here? Good. 

So, here's what you can expect from me:


Actionable strategies and tactics you can use to increase your income, maximize your savings impact and outperform the stock market.


Blatant sales pitches to buy one of my courses or sign up to our membership area.  

Can you believe I just told you I’m going to pitch my course and my members area to you?

Well, why wouldn’t I tell you? 

I mean c’mon – I’m teaching you how to make more money and invest that money. Part of that is knowing how to run a business that, get this, actually makes money. That means offering a product or service to someone that is valuable.

Don’t worry, if you like free stuff I have plenty of that and 90% of my content is freely available.

But you still might be wondering …

How do i know if your stuff is any good?

Well, the smartest thing to do is to just get some of my free stuff.


The best way to know what I have available is by liking my Facebook page where I put out most of my free content.


I post videos regularly with actionable tips, strategies and tactics to help you become a better (10X) investor.

Sound good?

My hope is you get something useful out of my free material and think to yourself, “Man, this guy really knows what he’s talking about, I’ll take him up on that investing course, maybe even be part of that community of awesome investors in the membership area.”

Simple right? I only want your business if I’ve already demonstrated I can help you.

And If you like my free stuff, chances are you’ll probably love my paid trainings.

Now that that’s out of the way you probably want to know a little background on why I’m even talking about this personal finance and investing stuff right?

Ok, here it goes:

I come from a low to middle income family of divorced parents. My dad was a truck driver and my mom bounced around from one job to the next struggling to keep me and my two sisters in the house we grew up in that she couldn’t afford.

Money was always tight and I heard No a lot growing up. It sucked.

As I got older I realized I never wanted hear or say no to the things I wanted ever again.

That’s when I started getting interested in personal finance and investing. In high school, instead of reading the books I was told to read like the Odyssey or the Illiad, I was reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad and the Millionaire next door.

From there I decided to go to Business School at Seton Hall University and got my degree in Accounting.

Once I graduated and got my first job I finally had some money to put to work in the stock market which is what I was always really interested in.

Guess what happened?

I lost it all.

Yup, I thought I knew everything and could day trade and make millions. Turns out, it’s pretty hard to make money in the stock market, especially if you are trying to day trade.

So, I quickly realized the day trading thing wasn’t for me and with advice from one of my business school classmates I came to the conclusion long-term Warren Buffet type investing was a better fit. So I studied as much as possible the teachings of Warren Buffet, his mentor Benjamin Graham, and my personal favorite Peter Lynch.

Fast forward to today and I’ve been able to build a multiple six figure stock portfolio with very few stocks and very few transactions thanks to a simple buy and hold strategy that actually works.

I’ve also grown into a very successful career as a tax accountant and my kids barely ever hear the word No.

Which yes, maybe that’s not the best thing because I want them just as hungry as I was when I grew up. But we’ll deal with that later. 

Here's What I Will Help You With Specifically

My main focus is to help you turn the dollars you earn into assets that grow passively and eventually create an income stream for you.

I created what I like to call the 10X Valuation Method which is a short way of saying, “Valuing stocks in order to determine if you can get a 10X return in ten years or less.”

It is, in my opinion, the Holy Grail of investing.

I also focus on personal finance, because if we don’t have good control of our finances we will never have the money we need to actually invest. So teaching you how to set up a system to save money and reduce debt is paramount to my teaching. 

Here's What You Should Do Right Now

Go ahead and hit the like button for my Facebook page, it'll give you access to all the free information I have available.


If you are interested right now in joining our 10X Investing Wealth Academy which teaches you how to set up a money management system and build a wealth building portfolio check out the details right here to learn more.

Pretty simple, right?

Thanks for reading this page, now go have some fun! 


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